Bal Harbour Implements New Rules For Affordable Housing Projects

Published Date: March 6, 2024

In response to the controversial expansion of the Bal Harbour Shops under the “Live Local Act,” Bal Harbour officials have announced new regulations regarding affordable housing. The state law encourages developers to incorporate affordable housing into their projects. However, Bal Harbour residents and officials have expressed opposition to the mall expansion, which includes a residential tower featuring hundreds of affordable housing units. While the Shops’ owner argues that the project would enable workers in the affluent community to reside there, the Village contends it’s a ploy to expand business without local oversight.


Bal Harbour recently prohibited the installation of “poor doors,” ensuring that residents in affordable housing units have equal access to entrances, elevators, parking, and common areas. Additionally, due to noise complaints, officials passed a rule prohibiting construction on weekends and certain holidays. These regulations are unrelated to the Bal Harbour Shops expansion plans, officials clarify, emphasizing that they aim to maintain fairness and community harmony while encouraging affordable housing development.


Original Article by CBS Miami Team

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