Broward County Awards $29 Million Contract to Builder Behind FIU Bridge Collapse

Published Date: February 12, 2024

In 2018, the Florida International University bridge collapse shocked the nation, claiming six lives and injuring eight. The construction company involved Magnum Construction Management (MCM), formerly known as Munilla Construction Management, has secured a $29 million contract with Broward County.


Contract Details

The contract, ratified on February 6, involves upgrading the baggage-processing area at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Magnum will oversee various subcontractors for demolition, concrete installation, electrical, plumbing, and air-conditioning work. The base price is $24.7 million, with $4.3 million allocated for allowances.

Despite being implicated in the FIU bridge collapse, MCM secured the contract. The National Transportation Safety Board found that MCM and other entities were responsible for not addressing the structural cracks that led to the collapse. MCM had over a dozen safety violations leading up to the incident.


Political Connections

MCM has longstanding political ties in South Florida. Executives donated approximately $25,000 to Miami-Dade County commissioners, and the company has familial connections to former Mayor Carlos Giménez. These ties have raised concerns about favoritism and oversight.


Past Contracts and Controversy

MCM has a history of government contracts, including military projects. It previously contracted with Miami-Dade County for the Miami International Airport expansion, even after the bridge collapse. This raised questions about accountability and oversight in awarding contracts post-incident.


Despite its troubled safety record, awarding a lucrative contract to Magnum Construction Management underscores ongoing concerns about accountability and oversight in government contracting. The company’s involvement in the FIU bridge collapse raises questions about prioritizing safety in infrastructure projects. Moving forward, stakeholders must ensure robust oversight mechanisms to prevent similar incidents and prioritize public safety in construction endeavors.


Original Article By Alex DeLuca- Miami New Times

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