Florida Lawmakers Seek Funding for Numerous Projects Ahead of 2024 Legislative Session

Published Date: November 30, 2023

As Florida gears up for the 2024 legislative session, state lawmakers are pushing for funding for a wide range of projects totaling billions of dollars. These proposals cover diverse initiatives, from expanding water storage and treatment to boosting passenger rail services and supporting educational and healthcare infrastructure.

One notable request is a $50 million allocation for expanding water storage and treatment in the Lake Okeechobee and Caloosahatchee River basins. Additionally, a proposal seeks to accelerate private passenger rail services between Orlando and Tampa through the Brightline passenger service. This project aims to connect numerous Florida cities, benefiting millions of residents and visitors.

In addition to these significant proposals, lawmakers have submitted numerous other requests.

Some of the key requests include:

  • A $26.2 million request for constructing a research wing at the University of West Florida’s Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering.
  • A $43 million proposal for a riverfront plaza project in Jacksonville.
  • A $40.2 million request for a construction project at the University of North Florida.
  • A $40 million proposal for a project on West International Speedway Boulevard in Volusia County.
  • Two $36 million requests to build a new workforce training building at Seminole State College of Florida.
  • A $25.65 million proposal to support Florida Atlantic University in addressing issues such as increasing enrollment at its medical school.
  • A $25 million request to assist Tampa General Hospital with the cost of a 160-unit housing development for healthcare workers.
  • A $20 million proposal for land acquisition and development at SeaPort Manatee.

These requests will be scrutinized as lawmakers work on the 2024-2025 fiscal year budget during the upcoming legislative session. While many proposals may not secure full funding, they reflect Florida communities’ diverse needs and priorities. Legislators will continue submitting requests over the coming weeks, each vying for resources to benefit their districts. Ultimately, the budget will be a carefully balanced compilation of projects aimed at enhancing various aspects of life in the Sunshine State.


Original Article By Jim Turner- WLRN

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