Miami-Dade’s Bold Plan: Building Resilience Against Storm Surge

Published Date: May 11, 2024

A $2.7 billion plan to armor parts of Miami-Dade County against hurricane storm surge is moving forward, with a focus on creating multiple lines of defense and tackling easier tasks first. The plan, developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Miami-Dade County, aims to elevate 2,100 mostly residential structures and flood-proof 400 structures, including critical infrastructure.


The revised strategy came after an initial plan that relied heavily on engineered armoring drew criticism in 2018. The new plan includes studying the effectiveness of reefs, mangroves, and other nature-based solutions. While the shift to nature-based fixes is welcomed, some experts feel the plan lacks critical details and could take years to implement.


Despite the challenges, the plan reflects a broader effort in South Florida to better protect against flooding as sea levels rise and hurricanes intensify due to climate change. The plan is part of a larger initiative by the Corps to update the Central & South Florida drainage system, speed up Everglades restoration, and conduct ongoing beach renourishment projects.



Original Article by Jenny Staletovich-WLRN

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