Miami’s Construction Landscape: Luxury Condos and Office Developments Drive Growth Amidst Challenges

Published Date: June 30, 2023

The dynamic construction market in Miami is abuzz with activity, with luxury condo projects and private office development consulting taking the lead, according to industry insiders. Although the pace of new projects might be slightly slower than the previous year, contractors are enjoying substantial backlogs and an increase in revenue.

Dodge Data & Analytics forecasts paint an optimistic picture for the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Miami Beach region, indicating substantial growth across various categories, particularly in the residential sector. Between 2023 and 2024, the region anticipates a growth of nearly $1 billion, following an impressive surge of over $1.6 billion between 2022 and 2023.

Yet, industry players are keenly monitoring key factors that could impact the trajectory of the market. Rising interest rates and escalating debt and equity prices, particularly in the market-rate housing sector, are on the radar of industry leaders.

Adding to the complexity, Senate Bill 1718 is capturing the attention of contractors as they assess its potential influence on the workforce. This bill, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis on May 10, introduces penalties for violations of new employment mandates set to take effect on July 1, 2024. These mandates encompass quarterly reporting and possible suspension or revocation of employer licenses in specific scenarios.

The city also grapples with the challenges posed by a tight labor market, scarcity of trade contractors, and lingering supply chain disruptions, similar to the prior year. Yet, companies remain actively engaged in various projects. Despite some decrease from the peak of new deals, Miami’s forward momentum is apparent as ongoing projects make significant progress.

One notable development is the anticipated construction of an office tower by Chicago-based Sterling Bay for Citadel. This project is expected to grace 1201 Brickell Bay Drive, a site acquired by Citadel for nearly $650 million earlier this year. Coastal Construction Group itself is in the midst of over $3 billion worth of construction endeavors, spanning Aston Martin, Ritz Residences, University of Miami housing, multifamily and condominium projects, and an array of custom homes and estates totaling over $150 million.

In the realm of commercial projects, Dodge Data & Analytics projects a $175 million uptick in commercial starts from 2023 to 2024, following an anticipated $171 million drop between 2022 and 2023.

The captivating skyline of Miami continues to evolve, with projects like the One Flagler Office Tower adding to its allure. The tower, designed by architect David Childs, will offer 270,000 square feet of versatile office space, 4,100 square feet of restaurant area, and 1.25 acres of green space upon its completion in 2024.

As Miami navigates through challenges while propelling the construction sector forward, Polikar Engineering Solutions (PES) stands ready to support and contribute to the city’s vibrant growth


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