We are a South Florida based engineering firm providing reliable, professional, and trustworthy engineering solutions. At PES, communication and transparency are the fundamental principles of how we operate. Our team of innovative professionals come with fresh perspectives and the ability to tailor our approach to each individual project. We focus on providing our clients with quality engineering solutions that yield clarity and success.



We bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table and aren’t afraid to challenge conventional and outdated thinking models.

Multidisciplinary Services

By leveraging diverse expertise from various fields we can address complex challenges with a well rounded approach, tapping into a wealth of knowledge and expertise.


This is the driving force behind our growth and success. By inspiring and empowering individuals we build motivated and aligned teams that propel us towards our goals.


As the cornerstone of trust and confidence our experience showcases our track record of delivering successful results and instilling a sense of reliability and credibility among our clients.


We tailor our offerings to our clients individual needs, preferences, and goals because we understand the importance of their unique requirements.

“Intelligent individuals can often achieve success. collaborative individuals can change the world.”

– Eli Polikar

“Intelligent individuals can often achieve success. collaborative individuals can change the world.”

– Eli Polikar


Polikar Engineering Solutions was founded by Eli Polikar, a structural engineer who saw a need for better communication between engineers and their clients. After years working at the top engineering firms in South Florida he found that there was a gap in understanding between engineers and their clients, which would often lead to miscommunication and delays in project delivery.

Determined to bridge this gap, he set out to build a firm that would reshape the way structural engineering services are delivered. At PES, our team prioritizes communication with our clients and on building strong relationships with them. We communicate in plain language, avoiding the technical talk that can be confusing for non-engineers. This approach has allowed us to create efficient, innovative, and cost effective solutions that meet our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations all while keeping them out of the dark.

We continue to push the boundaries of structural engineering, using the latest technologies and sustainable practices to create structures that are safe, functional, and beautiful. Our team is proud of the impact they have made on the communities they serve and looks forward to continuing to make a difference in the future.


At PES, our mission is to provide safe, functional, and quality engineering solutions that stand the test of time and contribute to a sustainable and innovative future.


Communication. Innovation. Customer-Centricity. Collaboration. Diversity & Inclusivity. Continuous Learning. Social Responsibility. Our core values serve as the guiding principles that define who we are as a company and shape our interactions with clients, employees, and stakeholders. They provide a clear moral compass, ensuring that we operate with integrity, transparency, and a shared sense of purpose.

Diligence + Collaboration = QUALITY RESULTS

Diligence + Collaboration = QUALITY RESULTS

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