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Aventura, FL

Project Type


Project Details

In a critical litigation support case, PES was enlisted to provide expert analysis and testimony for a complex issue at a condominium in Aventura, FL. Our team’s comprehensive investigation was pivotal in addressing significant structural concerns that led to water intrusion and mold development within a client’s unit.

Challenges Faced:

Delaminated concrete, cracks from unauthorized renovations, impact on client’s unit including mold and water intrusion.


Our detailed findings and professional expertise were instrumental in highlighting the causal link between the unauthorized renovations and the damage to our client’s condominium. Our report provided crucial evidence in the litigation process, underscoring the importance of building codes and regulations adherence. Through our forensic engineering services, PES not only supported our client’s case but also emphasized the significance of proper oversight and maintenance in preventing similar issues in the future. This project underscores our firm’s commitment to upholding the highest structural integrity and safety standards, offering peace of mind to property owners and residents alike.