Concrete Restoration

We. Know. Concrete. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in handling this foundational material and we invest our time to thoroughly understand its intricacies. In South Florida, particularly in coastal cities, we have witnessed the detrimental effects of failing concrete firsthand. Issues such as spalling, cracks, and deterioration are all solvable problems that buildings may encounter at one point or another. Through timely intervention, we can effectively address these problems, preventing irreversible and devastating damage.

Our Concrete Restoration Consulting Services

We offer a wide range of concrete repair consulting services to restore the integrity and durability of your building:

  • Crack repair
  • Spall repair
  • Expansion joint caulking
  • Seawall repairs
  • Floor patching
  • Freezer floor repairs
  • Concrete grinding
  • Sealant replacements
  • Urethane injections
  • Epoxy injections
  • Structural strengthening
  • Deteriorated concrete repairs
  • Post-tensioned reinforcing repairs
  • Structural stabilization
  • Anchorage repairs
  • Balcony and facade repairs
  • Masonry repairs
  • Precast repairs

When is Concrete Restoration Necessary?

Concrete restoration may be required as part of your building’s overall recertification or milestone inspection process or alternatively, it may be a standalone issue that needs to be addressed. Restoration becomes necessary when concrete structures show signs of deterioration, compromised structural integrity, safety hazards, aesthetic issues, water intrusion, or non-compliance with building codes.

Common areas prone to structural damage include elevated slabs, catwalks, decks, and parking areas. In Florida, moisture intrusion is a primary cause of structural concrete damage, leading to rebar rusting. Superficial issues on the building’s surface may indicate more severe underlying problems that can only be accurately assessed by a qualified and experienced structural engineer.

Schedule Your free Consultation

To learn more about our concrete restoration consulting services or to discuss your specific needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our experienced engineers are ready to assist you and provide expert guidance. Schedule your free consultation with PES today and let us help you restore the strength and longevity of your concrete structures.

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