Faulty Construction

We are dedicated to providing expert witness and forensic engineering services to address construction defect-related claims. With our extensive expertise and experience, we offer comprehensive solutions for both defendants and plaintiffs. Our focus is on conducting thorough investigations, compiling data, and providing expert testimony to support your case. We specialize in a range of services related to construction defects, including:

  • Our skilled team conducts in-depth investigations to identify and analyze construction defects.
  • We employ a combination of destructive and non-destructive testing methods to gather essential data while minimizing disruption to the surrounding areas.
  • We have specialized knowledge in investigating water intrusion issues and determining the cause and origin of water damage.
  • Our experts meticulously assess building envelope systems, such as roofs, walls, windows, and waterproofing details, to identify vulnerabilities and recommend effective remediation strategies.
  • With our expertise in commercial roofing, we assess various defects, including installation issues, material defects, workmanship problems, and maintenance shortcomings.
  • Our detailed inspections and testing procedures enable us to pinpoint the root causes of roof failures and provide expert opinions on repair approaches.
  • We offer comprehensive documentation services for wind, storm, and water impact events that have resulted in construction damage.
  • Our experts meticulously collect and analyze critical data, including site conditions, weather reports, and structural assessments, to support insurance claims and legal proceedings.
  • Our experienced professionals analyze construction defects to determine causation and liability.
  • We meticulously review contract documents, building codes, and industry standards to provide expert opinions on responsibility and liability for construction defects.
  • We offer independent cost estimation services to assess the financial impact of construction defects.
  • Our experts thoroughly analyze repair and remediation costs to support damage assessments and facilitate settlement negotiations.
  • We provide comprehensive litigation support, including assistance with strategy development and exhibit preparation.
  • Our team of expert witnesses presents technical information and opinions in a clear and compelling manner to support your case.
  • We offer guidance and assistance throughout the dispute resolution process, whether through mediation, arbitration, or negotiation.
  • Our expertise in construction, engineering, and finance ensures that you have the necessary support to reach a satisfactory resolution.

Whether you’re dealing with a 558 claim or need customized solutions we’re here to help.

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