At PES, we offer specialized and comprehensive special inspection services in accordance with Section 553.79, F.S. to meet the increasing demand for inspections in South Florida. Our team of certified Special Inspectors is dedicated to conducting thorough assessments, verifying compliance with building codes and regulations, while ensuring that your construction projects meet the highest standards.

In the construction industry, special inspections, also known as threshold inspections, play a crucial role in ensuring the structural design integrity, compliance, and safety of buildings that exceed certain thresholds in size or occupancy. These inspections are conducted by certified and experienced professionals who hold the necessary qualifications and expertise to identify and address any potential construction defects.

Why Choose PES for Special Inspections?

Our team of licensed professional engineers possess a current and active Florida Professional Engineer license in good standing. With our principal practice in structural engineering and extensive experience in performing structural field inspections on threshold buildings, we have the knowledge and expertise to assess the structural elements and ensure compliance with the permitted construction documents. OR Our Special Inspectors are licensed professional engineers with extensive experience in conducting structural field inspections on threshold buildings. They possess the necessary certifications in various areas such as concrete construction, structural masonry, post-tensioning inspection, structural steel, and soil special inspection.
We understand the urgency of scheduling special inspections and getting timely results. With our responsive team and efficient processes, we can accommodate your inspection needs quickly and provide you with accurate and reliable inspection reports.
We understand the importance of clear communication and coordination among multiple stakeholders involved in a construction project. As the Special Inspector, we effectively communicate with the project owner, the structural engineer of record (SER), the city or county, and the general contractor. By maintaining open lines of communication, we ensure that deficiencies or field conditions requiring modification are promptly addressed and that the project progresses smoothly.
With our deep understanding of the Florida Building Code, which is based on the International Building Code, we ensure that construction projects adhere to the required building codes, standards, and regulations. Our inspections cover both structural and non-structural elements, ensuring that all critical components are thoroughly assessed for quality and adherence to regulations. By conducting compliance verification inspections, we help mitigate potential risks and ensure that the structure meets all necessary safety and performance criteria.
We provide detailed documentation and reports for all special inspections conducted. Our comprehensive reports outline the inspection findings, including any deficiencies identified, and provide recommendations for corrective actions. This documentation serves as a valuable resource for owners, contractors, and regulatory authorities.
As part of our commitment to upholding the public welfare, we prioritize safety in all our inspections. By providing an extra layer of oversight throughout the construction process, we help mitigate potential risks, identify construction defects, and ensure that the entire structure maintains its integrity. We take pride in contributing to the overall quality and safety of the built environment.

Threshold Inspections you can trust

When it comes to threshold building inspections, PES is your trusted partner. Our certified Special Inspectors are equipped with the necessary expertise, experience, and qualifications to deliver exceptional inspection services. We prioritize timely inspections, accurate reporting, and effective communication to keep your project on track and in compliance with regulations.

If you require reliable and comprehensive threshold building inspections, contact PES today. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and ensure that your construction project meets the highest standards of structural integrity, compliance, and safety. Together, let’s build with confidence and care for the welfare of the public.

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