Speciality Engineering

At PES, we are dedicated to providing specialized and innovative solutions for a wide range of architectural elements. Our team of experienced structural design engineers offers comprehensive consulting and design services to ensure the optimal performance and safety of specialty engineering projects. Whether it’s windows, doors, roofs, railings, canopies, pergolas, or other unique components, we strive to deliver excellence in every project we undertake.

Specialty Engineering Services

Our specialty engineering services encompass a diverse range of disciplines and areas of focus. some of the specialized services we provide include:

Our roof engineering expertise includes the design of roofing systems for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. We consider factors such as roof load capacity, material selection, and weather resistance to ensure long-lasting and reliable roof structures.
Our window engineering services encompass the design and analysis of various window types to ensure structural integrity, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. We work closely with architects and designers to create windows that complement the overall building design while meeting specific performance requirements.

With a focus on safety and functionality, our door engineering services cover the design and evaluation of different door types, including entrance doors, sliding doors, and revolving doors. We prioritize ease of operation, security, and code compliance in our door designs.

From stair railings to balcony railings, our railing engineering services encompass the design of robust and visually appealing railing systems. We take into account safety regulations and architectural aesthetics to create functional and attractive railing solutions.
Our canopy engineering services focus on the design of durable and weather-resistant canopies for entrances, walkways, and outdoor spaces. We consider environmental factors and material selection to create canopies that withstand the elements.
Pergolas add a unique touch to outdoor spaces, and our pergola engineering services specialize in creating structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing pergola designs. We tailor pergolas to suit the client’s vision and functional requirements.
Our skylight engineering services involve the design and evaluation of skylights to bring natural light into interior spaces. We ensure proper installation and integration with the building’s structure for optimal performance.
Our facade engineering services focus on the design and analysis of building facades to enhance their visual appeal while ensuring structural integrity and energy efficiency.
We provide consulting and design services for architectural canopies, creating visually striking and durable canopies that enhance the building’s exterior.
Our curtain wall engineering services involve the design and analysis of curtain wall systems, ensuring they meet performance standards and architectural requirements.
Our team conducts thorough reviews and seals wood roof truss designs to ensure structural integrity and compliance with relevant codes and standards.
We meticulously review shop drawings and develop connection designs for structural steel components, guaranteeing their suitability and safety.
We assist in the preparation of detailed shop drawings for steel stud systems, ensuring accurate installation and alignment.
Our expertise extends to the design and engineering of guardrails and custom stairs, prioritizing safety, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.
We specialize in the design and evaluation of marine structures and docks, taking into account the unique challenges and requirements of waterfront environments.
Our team reviews and seals floor system shop drawings, verifying compliance with design specifications and regulations.
We provide comprehensive design and engineering services for aluminum awnings and railings, combining functionality with architectural aesthetics.
Our specialty engineering team is equipped to handle the design and evaluation of bridges and pedestrian bridges, ensuring structural integrity and user safety.
We offer inspection services on behalf of other engineering firms, providing professional assessment and verification.
Our expertise includes the design and engineering of airplane lifts, ensuring safe and efficient aircraft handling.
We provide specialized engineering services for custom pools and hot tubs, considering factors such as structural integrity, water containment, and equipment support.
Our team designs and evaluates steel storage racks, optimizing space utilization and load-bearing capacity.
We offer engineering solutions for glass structures, including curtain walls, glass facades, and other transparent architectural elements.
Our specialty engineering services extend to various architectural elements, such as statues, pergolas, signs, and light post bases, ensuring their structural stability and durability.

Our team is always ready to take on unique and challenging projects, combining technical expertise with innovative solutions. Partner with us for your specialty engineering needs, and let us bring your architectural vision to life.

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