St. Petersburg Seeks $17.7 Million in FY25 Federal Budget

Published Date: June 8, 2024

The City of St. Petersburg has submitted seven projects to the House Appropriations Committee, requesting $17.7 million for the FY25 federal budget.

Council Chair E Deborah Figgs-Sanders expressed gratitude for the support from legislators, emphasizing the collective effort to prioritize residents’ needs. The projects submitted include:

  • MLK St. South of Salt Creek to 32nd Ave. S Roadway Elevation – $5 million: Elevating a flood-prone section of MLK Street.
  • Seagrass Mitigation Bank – $1.5 million: Implementing a seagrass mitigation bank to improve natural resources and generate $10 million in credits.
  • Crescent Lake Water Quality Improvements – $1.3 million: Enhancing water quality in Crescent Lake.
  • Bartlett Lake/Salt Creek Pump Station – $9 million: Constructing a new master lift station to mitigate flooding and improve access around Lake Maggiore.

Additional projects in St. Petersburg include:

  • 34th St. Corridor Improvements – $2.5 million
  • Ed White Senior Housing Redevelopment – $5.3 million
  • Research Vessel Modernization & Equipment Upgrades at USF St. Pete – $8.1 million
  • SMART Tech Industry 4.0 Lab at St. Petersburg College – $4 million
  • Veteran Workforce Support Center at USF St. Pete – $4 million

These projects aim to enhance infrastructure and quality of life for residents, reflecting collaboration between city leadership and federal representatives.




Original Article by FCN Staff Writer-Florida Construction News

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